Reducing offending and protecting the public


We are committed to reducing crime by helping offenders learn how to make a positive contribution to society and avoid causing harm, heartache and frustration to their families and communities.


We treat all people, whether victims, offenders, partners or staff with respect. Through our work, we aim to inspire people to believe in and work towards more positive outcomes in their lives.


We work with:

  • People with convictions and support them to overcome addiction or other problem behaviour to recognise the harm caused to others and to enable them to make positive changes with renewed confidence.
  • Victims who learn how to deal with what has happened to them, providing them with support to overcome feelings of isolation and fear.
  • Probation professionals who develop the skills and experience that helps others to build new lives.
  • Partners and volunteers who discover the satisfaction of working on projects which make a real and positive difference to people’s lives and communities.


We recognise that not all offenders are ready to change. However, we can make a big difference to those who do want to change. We enable offenders to overcome substance misuse problems and to find new ways of dealing with situations, coping with problems and managing everyday challenges which may cause anger and frustration. 


This website shows the many different journeys people are taking to make a positive difference. If you would like to support our work, please get in touch.

Equality and Diversity


Community Payback
Find out how people with convictions are paying back to their communities.
You be the Judge
Rehabilitation or punishment? YOU DECIDE
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